What are the Akashic Records?




I hadn’t always been an energy healer, per se. Not in the way that one trains for a new job.

Until one day I did. I found a mentor to TEACH me to read the Akashic Records, a living cosmic “library” where, literally, all information is stored.

That’s right. I LEARNED to do it. (And so can you, just for the Record.)

Interesting, right? But you have so many questions…. What exactly are these Akashic Records?…where are they?….how does one read them?…You said I could read my own Records? Do I even want my Records read?

Lets answer all of them. First, WHAT ARE THEY?

The Akashic Records are an energetic record of every person, place, thing, event, animal, EVER. It’s the complete history of the human race (including our pets and homes, not just people, everything with consciousness).


Akasha is Sanskrit for “ether”…Ether is the first of the “five elements”. It’s main characteristic is sound, and it is the element from which the other four elements arose. It is energy before it has interacted with anything else. Primary essence.

Where are the Akashic Records located?

The Akashic Records are not physically located on the Earth. They are located in the seventh dimension of space time…sounds very Star Treky, I know, but don’t get caught up on it, ok? There are bigger fish to fry…just be aware that Earth is third dimensional reality (and arguably already 4th dimensional, continuing to evolve to 5th dimensional) and the Records are not. Also, it may be helpful to think of dimensions, not as physical places, but rather, states of consciousness.

So, how the €^@$! do you read them? Sorry, that slipped out…of your mouth, not mine;)

The truth is there are many ways to access the Records. Ancient methods, and more modern ones. Perhaps you have heard of Edgar Cayce and his experience accessing the records through a trance like state in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. He is the first and perhaps most documented psychic of the 20th century and known as the ‘Father of Holistic Medicine’.

I learned a method from Linda Howe. Then I downloaded my own method that I teach my students.  See, we are all very exercised in using the five senses of taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. The truth is we have even more receptor sites where we process energy/information. We ALL have these other energy centers and when we learn how to develop these muscles, it becomes possible to perceive energy in new ways. To “read” the Records, deep trust in one’s intuition is required. The energy/information can feel subtle at first, but the more trust that is developed, the more the information from the Records flows.

Seems like a great place to answer the question, Can I read my own Records? ABSOLUTLY!!! YES, YES, YES! Many of you have likely been tuning into your own Records all your life….you are more intuitive and wired for this than you give yourself credit for. I’m learning the truth of who we are and how we can use these extra senses we’ve been given. I have experienced it. If you feel a nudge, reach out to me ANY time and let’s talk.

FINALLY…. Do I even want my Records read? I don’t know… Is there anything going on in your life that you would like more guidance, clarity, or wisdom about? Is there an ailment, physical or emotional, that you would like to let go of, but, are finding yourself feeling stuck? Would you like to better understand the nature and reason for those difficult relationships in your life? Would you like to try on possible futures and see ways to make strides towards something new? Or, do you simply wonder, “What is my purpose on the planet at this time?” 😉 ….All of these questions and more can be addressed in the Records.

I am certified as an Akashic Records practitioner (which means I can read your Records) AND I have also earned two additional, advanced certifications concerned with past lives and healing (which means when things come up, we can move it on out).

Want to see what people think of their sessions? Click “Akashic Applause” to read what my clients have to say about their experience.

Akashic Applause

Sound interesting? Sessions are available world wide, via FaceTime, Skype, or old fashioned phone call.

A 1 hour session is $200.00 payable via PayPal.

Have you, or are you, currently serving our country in the armed forces? Allow me to graciously thank you for your service. Please inquire about my military discount.

Book a Private Session

Not interested in a private reading?  Hey, I get it….tattoos are cool, but they aren’t for everyone…unless you live in my house….just enjoy my blog anyway.

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10 thoughts on “What are the Akashic Records?

  1. Soo cool!!! 😎 Emily I can’t wait for you to read mine. Do I get the brother discount😉 ?


    1. I can’t wait to read your records! Dane, you are very open and deep, while I never predict what we will find in your Records, I know it’s gonna be a fun experience with you. You and I have discussed spirituality and energy for years….I seriously can’t wait to share this with you.


  2. Love the information and the post! I can’t wait to read more…………..your readings are deep and awe inspiring!


  3. Hello Emily. I’m ready for a session. I don’t know how soon we could start. I will be alone today after 4:30. I can definitely work with your schedule.

    Liked by 1 person

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