Bruce Jenner Grabs His Nuts.

Wowza. It’s true….

Geeze. I LOVE HOLLYWOOD! I’m not afraid to say it…even though I’ve done hard time here, I still love it. I love the artists. I love the storytellers. I love the trend setters. Part of me watches the train wrecks unfold when celebrities derail, and all of me rejoyces when Hollywood is able to enlighten us. Enter Bruce Jenner….wow…that must have been scary.

I don’t suffer from transgender issues. Most of you don’t either. So we don’t actually have the frame of reference to fully comprehend the experience of those  human beings who do. However, I learned recently that giving someone the benefit of the doubt is actually a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE….woah…blew my mind too…fine, easy enough. Let’s extend the benefit of the doubt. Let’s lie (lay/lie/lay?) down whatever we think we believe, and let’s ask the Records for some soul level wisdom on this one…..hang on a second while I open my own if you were here with me, you would be hearing me invoke the ‘Pathway Prayer’, using my full name to pull up my personal energy vibration….I’ll do that now… And with that, I say,


Welcome back...
Welcome back…

Wonder who’s in here? My Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and guides… Lol, is anyone NOT in here? The Devil…he’s not here…

So let’s ask a question. Want to? Just one quicky, since it’s our first time.😏


Ok, Records, What can I better understand about the transgender community?


The transgender community is a brave and sensetive collection of souls here to raise the vibration of your planet. While each soul has an individual soul purpose, as a collective group, they also have collective goals. Namely, to advance the enegies of tolerance and compassion on Earth at this time. They are on a brave mission. We all have the capacity to empathize, but we become desensitized. We require stretching to stay loose. The transgender community is stretching us. We need a cause that will shock us and make us listen. Like the Bruce Jenner interview. Watch it again. Find a way to allow your body and your energy field to fill up with the vibration of tolerance and compassion. Feels good, doesn’t it?

It may also be helpful to think of issues like onions…we are peeling back one of many truths. This is only one layer…


Can I get an Amen?

Now take that with you. And pass it on when someone growls at you at Starbucks…thank you Bruce. Wear what you want.

One final thought…because some of us still need to troll Pintrest this evening…while Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman, it seems maybe I am becoming Bruce Jenner. I could be far more concerned with my own facial hair, than his. Hello almost 38….

Hey guys, people are literally dying to be themselves. Let’s use our thoughts to create something instead of judge something.

All, two, three....blow
All together…one, two, three….blow

(If you actually blew on your screen and you’re willing to admit it, I’ll let you choose the next topic for discussion here on Ask Your Records.)

4 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner Grabs His Nuts.

  1. I love the take that the records have on Bruce Jenner and the transgender community. Compassion, love and understanding for all who walk this earth plane…………and for the souls beyond.
    Thank you for the insight and inspiration to look at this issue at it’s deepest depth.
    Keep the information and insight coming.
    Your light………and the light of the records…….can truly inspire and transform.
    With love and gratitude,


  2. You are a delightful, insightful and magical human, Emily. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, humor and Love………I find Bruce Jenner’s story/interview compelling. Its an important story to be told. Especially by him.
    He is brave and what he is doing by sharing is important to the evolution of the culture


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