A deeper look…into Bruce Jenner and our concept of American Heros.

Remember the onion...peel back the layers...see deeper into things.
Consider the onion…peel back the layers…see deeper into things…what lies beyond the outer gate?

Remember our chat about Bruce? Sorta? Want the cliff notes? I’m all about borrowing the notes…I’ll admit, I skipped more classes than I attended at University of Missouri – Columbia…aka, “Mizzou”…(eye roll, “Mizzou”…only cause I never fit in there…and didn’t graduate…and didn’t pay my sorriety dues ((cause I spent the moola elsewhere😏)) and got my Greek name forever removed from the lineage chain…it would have been my official sisterhood link to Sheryl Crow…but who am I kidding? Oh, I’ll still belt it out…it’s just not, hmm, how shall I say?…melodic, or pleasant, or even recognizable at times…alright, cancel the previous eye roll at “Mizzou”…not very evolved of me…I enjoyed lots about my experience at “Mizzou” but, I struggled to find myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. There… More evolved….Eye roll.

Thank you for hanging in there with me for a little rant… Where were we? Oh yeah, the abridged version of things….whoops.😳

Last time, I asked the Akashic Records, “What can I better understand about the transgender community?” The short answer was, that they are here to allow you the opportunity to continue to grow in the area of tolerance and compassion. The Records also parted with the idea that this is only one layer of truth. They have invited a deeper look….

Let me open things up.


Hello, again....
Hello, again….



So, I heard you had more to tell me about the whole Bruce Jenner topic?


Actually, we would like to start by asking you something. What is your concept of an American Hero?


Uh, well, do you mean, do I feel foiled by Bruce?


Nope. Just tell me about your concept of American Heros….no need to tie it all together…let Us do that…


(eye roll) Fair enough…


Hey, just sayin’ you don’t have to work so hard. All answers are right answers, for you.


All right answers. Got it. Takes the pressure off. Well, my brother for one….for many actually. He is a medic in the United States Army. All members of our armed forces are heros to me….uh, and my neighbor is a fireman. Fireman are heros…And uh, I guess I don’t have to strip Bruce of his gold medal, he can remain an American Hero, too. I’m good with that.


Good concepts of American Hero. All perfectly correct for you. But, let’s look deeper. Another question, have you ever considered yourself an American Hero?


(Thinking) Well, I did go in after that kid who fell in the deep end…


Nice. Yes you did….Now, let us help you see more…Every region of the globe is presented with opportunities to learn lessons and evolve. So, here in America, you have an opportunity to expand your level of compassion by not judging what is happening with Bruce Jenner. Even though this pushes your boundaries, you can not tolerate hate or violence against another human being because you don’t fully understand or agree with them. Other countries don’t yet share the same philosophies. Consider for a moment what some of these other countries are experiencing as their opportunities to learn about tolerance and compassion. They experince an incredible amount of violence in their daily lives, and it will continue until they collectivly shift and are able to hold a new pattern of kindness and humanity instead of hate and violence.   (And yes, their vibration is raising in their own timing. See, those effected by the violence are indeed rising up to no longer stand for this, however, those causing the violence have not adopted these beliefs.) Those like your brother can go in to these regions and provide protection and resources, however, the true shift comes when collectively,  the consciousness of the dwellers in that region shift.


That’s deep. But I think I get it.


You can see that in America, you have created different means through which to learn the same lessons. Now which environment would you rather learn in?


Yep. Here for sure.


Please acknowledge that the collective beliefs of those who occupy the land will help construct and shift The Matrix.


The Matrix? Like the movie?


Yes. Like the movie….The entire Earth is held within a grid of light. As well, each thing (bodies, flowers, rocks, you get it) on Earth is surrounded by a light grid. All these grids interact, and are movable and programable. What programs them? Belief structures, for one. You can see that the evolution of your society is programmed based on the belief systems of it’s members. You are an American Hero because you contribute to raising the collective consciousness of your world. See, when you feel tolerance and compassion, you are focusing and running that energy through your field and light grid, therefore upgrading it to a new frequency that holds more tolerance and compassion. And the you effect the grids around you. You are part of the story. You are an American Hero. And there is more work to do…


Woah. There’s something to digest…I’ll need a moment….

2 thoughts on “A deeper look…into Bruce Jenner and our concept of American Heros.

  1. I love the humor you use in your writing! Keeps me laughing and waiting for what comes next. And yet I’m learning something too! Genius!


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