To Be Black or Not To Be Black?

That is her question…

Whaaaat a mess we have here…first things first…Yup…She lied. Not just a little white…uh black, lie…it was a doozie.

But, before we light this woman up for her error, let’s at least take a moment to acknowledge, regardless of what title and package her spirit comes in, what Rachel Dolezal has done to rebalance the destructive energy of discrimination. She has brought awareness and change through her art and through her service. That shouldn’t be discounted because she lied. It is my personal opinion, that even with scandals swirling, Rachel Dolezal and  Caitlyn Jenner are melting paradigms…dissolving boundaries, encouraging us to simply see ourselves as human, and stop being so rigid about what line you need to stand in…what box you need to check…To me, these “role models”  encourage and allow me to explore what it means to be human, beyond boundaries. This country was established on principles of freedom and fondue pots…sorry, melting pots…someone needs lunch…

To me, their journey marks the beginning of an even deeper kind of melting…and I like the possibilities.

But why did she have to lie?!!????

Okay, I’ ve told some lies. No rocks in my hands for this one…Over the course of the last 38 years, I have liiied, liiied, liiiied…She’s only 37, by the way…

Now, as I mature, I find myself much more comfy cozy standing in my own truth, which alleviates the need to lie. But, I get it. I have lied to protect my self interests. I have, on more than one occasion, padded my own resume with some “creative truth-telling”. Why? Because somewhere, I’m afraid of my truth…I’m afraid it won’t be good enough…and I’m plain ole afraid it won’t get me what I want. I think we can all identify…however, with all the hullabaloo, I decided to investigate further and ask the Akashic Records, why do we lie? 



Welcome back...
Welcome back…


So….why do we lie?


Tricky one, huh? It may be helpful to look at some brief physics of planet Earth. You live on a polarized planet. There are North and South poles. There are positive and negative charges. Opposites must exist here. In order for you to explore and understand what is truth, you must also understand what is deception. Rachel was exploring them both at the same time.


I don’t quite get it…


Yes, it’s a bit paradoxical…all good spiritual wisdom is…A paradox by nature had a dualistic quality…it contains the truth while seemly contradicting itself. We aren’t suggesting that you have to lie to learn about truth, and we are suggesting that there is truth, that lies within deception. For one to exist, the other exists as well.


It seems to me Rachel herself is a paradox… It seems she is melting boundaries, but she is doing it while “identifying as Black”.  The sheer need to “identify” with a particular group, means boundaries still exist. Otherwise no other identification would be needed. We would all just identify as human.


There is truth in that, Emily, yes. That would be an example of your highest truth in this moment…truth is like an onion and there are many layers that can be peeled back and examined more deeply.  As a society, you have not yet reached that level of oneness. However, major progress is being made by Rachel Dolevak  and Caitlyn Jenner. See, before boundaries can be melted, they must be crossed. Caitlyn and Rachel were both able to cross boundaries and find commonality beyond who they were classified as, at the time of their birth. This is an important step in understanding each other from more than one angle.


So, what will happen with Rachael? Will we be able to forgive her? Or will her lies move her cause in the wrong direction?


You have two wolves. One is the wolf of Darkness and the other is the wolf of the Light. They fight constantly and will to the death. Which wolf will live?


HUH?!!? Wolves?!!?


We are telling you a parable…remember a guy named Jesus? He started the trend …So, two wolves, Light and Darkness, fighting to the death… Which of your wolves will live?


Well, you know how Pollyanna I can get… I want the Light wolf to live…




Wow. I get. Thank you, Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and Guides….


As a closing sentiment, I would like to share a bit more science I learned last night while watching my favorite TV show…not Shark Tank, my other fav, Through the Wormhole. It seems that there is quite a difference in the brain chemistry of pathological liars…if we extend this knowledge and grace to depressed people, and mentally ill people, etc., should we extend this grace to Rachel Dolevak as well? Perhaps we should get off our high horses and understand this woman rather than stone her? No rocks in my hands….

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