When the Green Eyed Monster Comes for You

Oh my gosh, has the whole summer really gone by and I haven’t a blog post to show for it? Did I seriously just play with my kids for two months? Ehhhh, something tells me that word “play” is actually a good thing…That being said, while there were significant increases in playing,  there were also significant increases in bickering, whining, “I’m bored”s, and, of course, “but, he got to do it”s…Don’t compare yourselves, kids…bad energy.

But, Really, Em! You couldn’t have found something to write about ? In all your trips to Magic Mountain? Palm Springs? Las Vegas? Solvang? twice? Lucky…Yeah, but, Jessica wrote blogs. Kate wrote blogs…oh, whoops. Okay, this line of thinking will turn me into a fire breathing dragon faster than meatballs on the way to a Clipper game.

Alright, little monster, come here, lets disect ya…

You know I like to define everything first, so to Google I go in search of a definition for the word jealously.



FINE…I’ll take jealous, for 100, Alec….


Now we are getting somewhere. Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages. I think we all feel this to some degree. I absolutely get triggered from time to time, but, get ready, here comes Pollyanna…For as many years as I’ve logged in casting offices, sneaking looks out of the corner of my eye to see how pretty she really is…oops, i accidentally saw the back of her resume, its very long….and, listening to another pretty lady whisper her lines over and over, in a line reading that is obviously better than what I had prepared…oh, and the girl who just walked in is gonna nail it, cause, she really looks the part…SHIT! ITS MY TURN?!! SHIT SHIT! Alright! Here goes nothing! …Yes, after years and years of wallering around in these opportunities to become jaded, I’m actually pretty good on this one. I learned something a long time ago and it simply transformed this issue for me. It was like understanding a new law of physics or something. Here is it. Straight from my Akashic Records.


Welcome back...
Welcome back…


Ahhh, feels good to be back…So, I’m wondering about jealousy. I’ve noticed, it doesn’t feel so good. Tends to tank my mood, quickly.  Whatcha got for me on this one?


Yes, the negative vibration that results when you believe something is outside of you, isn’t so pleasant. To shift this, we must go back and first understand something about all Earthly relationships: They serve as a mirror. What your see in others offers a perfect glimpse into yourself.


So, what does that mean if I find myself jealous of someone else?


When you are jealous of another person, you see something about them, that initially, you like. However, your mind has been taught to believe that this projection of reality is outside of you. So, you quickly get bitter. Here is the deeper wisdom. What you see in other people that you like or admire, are actually qualities that somewhere your soul can accept for yourself! That means you are energetically tuning into a reality where that exists for you too! The fact that we can see it in someone else, means we can actually see it for ourselves too…not the opposite!


So, I’ve just assigned the wrong meaning and therefor the wrong vibration around other people’s success? I see something about them, and believe that it is outside of me, so I get pissy and frustrated easily. You are saying that, the simple fact that I see it in their world, actually means somewhere burried deep inside me, I believe it exists for me, too?


YES! You have programmed your brain to interpret and label that circumstance as outside of you. Reteach yourself to interpret and label that idea as part of you.


OK. Let me digest that…


Yes. Sit up straight. Breathe deeply, and slowly. Fully inhale and exhale…then when your breath is comfortable, inhale and pause at the top of your breath. Hold it for a moment, then exhale. Do this a couple of times to help reset your mind and body to accept this new idea.


I gotta say, this feels better than trying to just be happy for people…Thank you.


Alright, so your challenge for the day: take time to find good characteristics and circumstances in the lives of people around you. Whatever it is, know that because you see it,  it exists somewhere in your world too, and wants to come to the surface. Whatever this characteristic or circumstance is, it wants to be accepted into your reality. Be careful not to reject it, by accidentally mislabeling it as outside of you…Go get ’em, Everybody.

One thought on “When the Green Eyed Monster Comes for You

  1. I agree, I have recently (in the last 5 years) realized that yes – what we see in others that we do not like, many times we are looking into the mirror. And admit it or not, what we don’t like about our family, parents, friends, people who are close enough to effect us – and we see something we don’t like. Well, it is as if pointing the finger and you’ve got 3 more fingers pointing back at you. Catch that one and paint it green.


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