A Page From My Life: My Alter Egos and Me…

Meet my alter egos One, Two, Three, Four, and Five…All known as Emily Harrison: 











This girl, has spent the last 20 tears, (oh, funny typo, I’m leaving it, cause there is too much truth there to delete it…but, I meant years…) dodging opportunities at break out stardom. Let’s see, there was Felicicty, there was The West Wing, Katie Holmes beat me out for a good role or two… so did Britney Murphy, rest in peace…ah yes, there was the X-Men, and Pearl Harbor, the Scary Movie franchise, and countless TV shows and soap opera breaks…

…You’re right. I’m not focusing on my accomplishments. FINE! I’ll name drop…you twisted my arm…I  have worked with some very talented folks…. Gary Sinise, Jeremy Renner, Minnie Driver, Terri Polo, David Spade, Dan Folger, Henry Ian Cusick, Pete Postlethwaite, rest in peace…I’ve worked with Academy Award Winning directors like Bryan Singer… I’ve personally been called in, to audition for roles created by J.J. Abrahams… I know I’m forgetting some of you…Oh wait…wrong speech, sorry…

Yes, there have been exciting moments, but overall, Hollywood has been a bit of a bitch…a high school aged bitch, who’s ended up breaking my heart more than once, and forcing me to grow beyond the nastiest of emotional issues and diva like, bad behavior. Welp, that’s what a couple decades of rejection buys you. Some crazy highs…some even crazier, higher, hopes…and at least 20 buckets of tears.



Here is the real me…

Well, the Superhero version of the real me…cause I’ve survived Hollywood…and I still play in the sandbox with those little fuckers from time to time (so sorry, Mom…pardon my French, everyone…this Superhero version of me speaks a couple of languages)…I have three kids which is why I look so tired. I’m smiling this big for one of them, who sits behinds this camera. I’m not always this happy, but I am working on it…

…and my favorite punctuation is the dot dot dot.

YAY!!! Point of the story!!!!!

So, my precious and beautiful, six year old daughter comes to me and says, mind you, she is growing up way too literally, and figuratively, close to Hollywood…she says,

“Mommy, Sweet Sally Sue Sanders (I’m protecting names, here people…please play along) is an actress in real movies!!! I want to audition for real movies!!! Will you take me to your next audition? Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!”

Somewhere in the distance I hear Adam Duritz singing about how we all want to be big stars…

My stomach knots up and my brow furrows.  She catches on.

“Whaaaat?” she whines.

But suddenly, my mind springs into action…before even realizing it, this comes out of my mouth…which just may have been my Akashic Records on speed dial…

I say to her, “You want to be an actress? Let’s make a movie…a short film…you and a few friends…It can be about gymnastics…what do you say?”

It got really quiet. Then it got really loud. She said yes.

During her noisy celebration, I noticed the thought flying by that seemed to be laughing wickedly as it prompted a laundry of list of how and why this task was gonna be a nightmare. I just noticed it, though. Flying by. On it’s broom. I didn’t jump on and ride.

Sure glad I didn’t, because, I would have missed the next thought that flew by. This one also laughed wickedly, but carried applause for my brilliance. I wasn’t going to drag this child down the same path of rejection that I had traveled. My experience was/is simply, the result of putting your dreams in someone else’s hands. It’s what you get when you play the game this way. End of story. Thanks for playing…Nope, not this time. This time, we make our own movie. I’m upgrading her, I think. She’ll be like me, only better! I like it…Yep, this is how we will role…This thought, I grab on to.

The next beautiful thought, is one of conformation. I remember the words that I took away from a recent blog by my brilliant friend, Kate Eckman, at http://www.kateeckman.tv, she said if you want something in your life, simply be it…

So, all week we have been talking and planning. The creative juices are flowing like the drool produced by my other favorite and inspiring bloglady (yes I made that word up, and its blog and lady…not blo and glady), Jessica Gesell, at http://www.MommyBistro.com.

I KNOW! I KNOW! I’m a name dropping and a blog dropping fool today!! Well, here is the deal…normally on Ask Your Records, I write you a little script about me, opening my Akashic Records, asking some questions, blah blah blah. Today, and until I’m done, I gotta write a different script…I’m going back to my Hollywood roots and I’m I whipping out a short film for my girl…so, while I’m not writing scripts here, check out my friends, Kate and Jessica. If you like me, you will like them too. Let them entertain and inspire you for a week or so. Take it away, Girls…I gotta go play in the sand box with my kid.

And, hey! If you miss me and the Akashic Records, remember that I do private reading and healing sessions from anywhere on the planet!!! Email me at askyourrecords@yahoo.com or check out the menu bar on my home page here, at Ask Your Records. (If you are on a mobile device, the menu bar seems to hide behind the 3 parallel lines. You may already know that. I, on the other hand, just figured it out.) You will find pricing info as well as reviews on my services. Reach out! I’d love to hear from you!

I promise to keep you all posted on the progress of our fun little movie adventure!! Am I processing my own issues? Maybe…Am I rewriting my history? Maybe…Kinda…In a way…Anyway, wish us luck…or broken legs…or whatever. Come on Viv, let’s go pull a Matt and Ben. Peace Out, everybody….

We are all made of stars...born anew every day, every minute, every second....
We are all made of stars…born anew every day, every minute, every second….go play.

6 thoughts on “A Page From My Life: My Alter Egos and Me…

  1. The only blog I read. Honestly. Of course it is well done, my dear, because you are a beautiful and amazing gift to this Earth, and knowing you is a true joy. You bring out the best in others. Keep giving. The world thanks you! XO


  2. I love this. SO much of this. Sometimes I feel like it’s so easy to get in the habit of saying things to our children how we are used to having things said to us. I need to see the movie! ❤


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