I Won!!!


I feel like Betty!!!! I’ve got to get my jazz hands under control so I can type!!! I’ve been nominated for an award, everyone!!! I’m not sure what it even is, but somewhere I saw this coming…Google, oh, google, what is this?


A chain letter award?…well, I was going to take a break until the short film project with my daughter, was finished. (The script is written, by the way, and filming starts today!!) But, I guess my buddy Emma, the sweetest, cutest thing on the planet, has pulled me out of early retirement. Emma knows something about me…Emma knows that I am an actress and will accept any award thrown my way…and it’s not just a chain letter, it’s a way for us all to support and acknowledge each other. It’s given from one blogger to another…sort of like the SAG awards, which are my personal favorite. It’s the one where actors award their fellow actors. Of course I’ll play along. But first, let me tell you a tiny bit about Emma…

Emma is a young twenty something in Sweden whom I believe brilliantly captures and shares her coming of age journey, that many in today’s world can relate. She’s smart, beautiful, sweet, motivated, well dressed, slightly anxious, and very insightful. Check her out, here is the article she won for.


“Tales in Anxiety”


Thank you, again, Emma!

Here are the rules for this:

*Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated me and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
*Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and notify them of this in one of their posts.
All nominated bloggers are to have less than 2000 followers.
*Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator and create 11 different questions for your nominees to answer. Or, you can repeat the same questions.

Alrighty, time for me to answer the questions posed by Emma.
Do you remember your 14th birthday? How was it?

I do. Unfortantuly, my memories seem to clinging close the gift aspect of birthday time. How materialistic of me… I was dying for a computer. I imagined myself finally happy as I typed away…I opened a beautiful dress and a note saying that the computer was on back order, but, should be arriving soon. I was thrilled. I waited. And waited. And waited. Never happened. Company went bankrupt and the Commodore K64 never came… I survived. I’ve got a Mac, now baby. Eat me. (As in food, people, you know I was a chef in a former life…that’s right, I flip my sautés, no stirring…however, there is usually food all over my stove.)
Do you fear death?

Only when I think my kids would miss me.

If you would have a daugther being born today, what would you name her?

Daisy was the first name that came to mind…although the hubby has officially won the name game for all three of our kids, Jack, London, and Vivienne…so he could veto me. He has before.
Are you at the place in your life that you wish to be?

Sorta. Kinda. When I see my life on paper, it’s pretty darn cool. But living it day to day, sometimes I wish for things to be a little different…here, let me illustrate.





My life on paper….









My real life…more of a roller coaster. But I do love me a good roller coaster…Twisted Colossus, anyone? 😉







Do you like having lemon juice on top of a pasta dish?

IMG_2064Never tried it…hmm…not sure, but if you like it, Emma, maybe I’ll try. Here’s the last pasta  dish I whipped up…Veggie pad thai with zucchini noodles. Yum. Yes, I quite regularly photograph my dinner and send it to my friends. Unless my chef friend sends a pic of her dinner first, and it makes mine look like dog food. Well, then I don’t send it…




If you could travel anywhere for free today, where would you go?





Great Pyramids…but during construction.




Have you ever broken up with a friend?

Well, I once had to break up with one of my kid’s friend…I had to tell his mom that my son just wasn’t feeling comfortable with her son. It was sad and difficult because I didnt want to hurt anyone, but I needed to honor my son’s feelings as well. Tough mom moment. Not my fav.
Who is your favourite characther on FRIENDS?

Chandler. Simply because Matthew Perry used to come into the Beverly Hills restaurant where I slung Hollywood hash for a bit. He left nice tips.
What do you know about Sweden?

Not a lot. However, my husband lived there and played professional baseball as a younger man, and he has lots of stories. He says he will bring me there some day…can we meet for tea, Emma?

What’s your dream job?

Acting opposite Matt Damon. Then winning an award for it. I like awards. Sorry…





What did you have for breakfast today?

Coffee. Then I had some coffee. Now, however, I’m having a cup of coffee. Not the most enlightened diet…I’ll work on that.

Now for my nominees and questions! Drum roll please!!! I nominate:

Love Yourself, Love Your Life

My Least Favorite Child Today

Laura A. Lord (Author and Poet)

Diary of a Tattooed Mom

Spirit Meets Bone

The Multidimensional Universe

Harmony Healings

You know I would nominate my special buddy, Jessica at Mommy Bistro…but I think she is too famous and has way too many followers for the 2000 rule…I could nominate, like, her right boob…aw, what the heck…I’m a rule breaker…Jess, ever won a Liebster? Regardless of if she plays, you all simply must read her last post…Not only is she a princess, a chef, and a writer, but is also a national whistler blower...more to come on this one folks. If you haven’t heard, the town where I live is apparently a nuclear waste dump…Mommy Bistro may just tip this town upside down and save literally thousands of lives. It’s a story in progress, please follow along as our very own “Erin Brockovich” unfolds before our very eyes…scary stuff happening…

Heavy stuff for a moment. Sorry, let’s lighten the mood again, shall we? It’s important to keep smiling.

My questions for my fellow bloggers:

What makes you laugh?

What was your favorite childhood meal?

Got any tattoos? Tell us about them, if so?

What do you know now, that you would you share with your 12 year old self?

What do you think 100 year old self would share with you, now?

Do you believe in aliens? 

If you could not fail, guaranteed, what would you attempt?

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

What is your favorite experience in nature? as in outdoors…

What’s the last dream your remember?

Have you ever had your Akashic Records read? Does it interest you?

Well, this has been super fun…much more than I anticipated.  I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better. I got to know myself a bit better…hmm. Seems to be why I love writing…Thanks again, Emma!

Please stay tuned, as I will post the short film my girl and I have been working on once it’s edited. You know, I think I may make some more films, too…to help raise the awareness we need to clean up my town…things are about to get crazy around here…


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