What I Learned Going Home

Last week, this California girl made a trek to her homeland. I took my husband and kids back to the small, Missouri, river town I called home for the first 19 years of my life. It filled my soul to reconnect with the folks who shaped so much of my younger self. We shared the experience of growing up. No small feat. And that would become almost a mantra of mine, “No Small Feats”, as I left to seek my fame and fortune.

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When I left almost two decades ago, I was in search of a dream. A Hollywood dream, to be exact. And while I did find a bit of success in LaLa land, I’ll be honest, I expected more. Well, turns out, the “more” I was searching for has come alive as I share my journey with energy healing…but I was scared shitless to announce this to my friends back home. How on earth was I going to explain that I was now using my Spidey senses to understand things beyond the obvious, and help people move forward in their lives? As I recall, people here liked normal…

Now, while I firmly believe this:


I felt very insecure about the questions and sideways looks that I anticipated. I worried they would doubt me…and according to this “question everything” philosophy, why shouldn’t they?

Hey, Akashic Records…What is the difference between doubt and open mindedness?


Good job noticing the subtle difference between doubt and open mindedness. Let us spell it out for you a bit more…


Yes, please. Enlighten me.


Doubt carries an essence of disbelief and therefore creates dichotomy. Two sides. Two separate sides. Separate being the key word. As you know, nothing is separate from anything.


Ri-ri-right. We don’t want to create separation. Well, then, how are we to be open minded? How do we free ourselves to question life and arrive at our own conclusions?


Being open minded is different, you see. You aren’t required to choose one side or the other. It’s not about accepting anything…it’s about creating space for more than one possibility to exist. Being open minded means that you can entertain an idea without having to accept or deny it.


Cool. I get it.


Furthermore, if you walk into a situation where you need to be accepted, you are creating the dichotomy…the separation. And that will be what you experience. Perhaps, it isn’t fair to assume people will doubt you…Perhaps this mindset creates the reality where you experience people doubting and questioning you…perhaps you created your own discomfort.


Woah….It’s not them…it’s me. Duuude……


If you resonate with the energy of open mindedness, guess what? You open the door for others around you to resonate with that too.

Hmm. Genius. I love when it makes sense…Allow me to leave you with these thoughts to ponder…


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And because he’s my homey…

FullSizeRender 3

Until next time, Namaste.

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