The ISIS Crisis

I’ll admit, I’ve been holding off on this topic…politics and health questions tend to scare me…too much pressure. But, here we go. It’s time, because my cousin Kaitlyn wants to know….and so do I…What in the Sam Hell is going on here???

Here is my process, for those of you who are new to my blog. I read Akashic Records, which aren’t located here on the Earth plane, so intuition is key. The Akashic Records can most easily be explained as the ethereal library where everything EVER has been recorded. It’s kinda like the Internet, and works similar to Google…you ask what you want to know…and you receive the highest level of wisdom your soul is ready to handle.

My question: Akashic Records, what can you share with me about why ISIS exists, and what we can do about it?



First of all, while ISIS has manifested as a group, it is important to note that this group is a reflection of the individual. Just as the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and vice versa, so it is within each human being. ISIS represents a physical manifestation of the part of yourself that you cannot love. It is the hatred of the “dark side” of yourself. This does not mean that you have inherent evil within you, rather it means there is a part of you, that you have refused to love and accept. You have cast it outside of you, causing separation and hate to breed rapidly, and so this is reflected in your world. This hatred will not be solved by a fight to the death. You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. Many of you will refuse this wisdom, as you are looking to blame them, ISIS. You want justification and revenge. Is it possible that you have been taught to want these things? Is it possible that you have been programmed by your world to want these things? We say yes…we say this state of affairs does not reflect the nature of LOVE and ONENESS that is the only true reality. Fear and hatred is a false reality, also known as HELL. You are living in a hell that you helped to program by not fully loving and accepting yourself. If you can take responsibility for this, then you can shift it, first within yourself and then within the macrocosm. If each individual on your planet can do this, the problem will cease to exist.  If you do not take responsibility for the areas where you have hated yourself and refused to forgive yourself, then the problem will only worsen and further reflect through the macrocosm. This is not about “sides” of a war and which “side” your are on,  this is about YOU, the individual.



There are two things that we would like to ask each individual to work on at this time. The first is learning to love and accept yourself. Unconditionally. This can be done by simply shifting the area you have been trained to evaluate yourself (which is you brain) and move this consciousness into your heart space. Stop processing with your mind. Start to consciously move your awareness into your heart. Live from your heart. Imagine seeing yourself and those around you from your heart, not your mind. Ever hear the term, “Free your mind?” This is how. Use your heart instead. Imagine talking to people from your heart. Listen from your heart. Lay your hands on your heart several times a day to remind yourself that you are learning to process with your heart. Remember, the mind seeks to label. The heart seeks to understand.

The second thing is to STAY PRESENT. Stay in the NOW. Keep your attention gloriously on your present. Massive shifts await those who choose to stay in the present moment. 

Imagine a world where everyone is living from their heart space and staying in the moment. Go ahead, really imagine it. Now what do you see? Is anyone killing anyone else because they think their ideas are better? 

You have all the power to change this situation! Be brave enough to work on yourself. Be brave enough to love the parts of yourself that you have expelled. Start with yourself…This simplest of solutions can be easily overlooked…




3 thoughts on “The ISIS Crisis

  1. Yes, this is true in part. It does boil down to the individual consciousness affecting the greater consciousness – the part affecting the whole. But, unfortunately, it is much more complex than that. These things are never ever black and white. We do indeed have the power to change the situation by working on, and changing ourselves – the most difficult task of all tasks. But, it is what we have created over thousands of years of uncontrolled thought, emotion and action that holds mankind’s karma in such a negative state. And all this negative energy – and make no bones about it – it really is black energy – we have created our own monsters. So, if you understand that other astral realms exist, then you may know that there are higher, and lower realms. The concept of hell comes from somewhere, though it is usually misinterpreted. The lower astral realms are real places – places where mankind’s worst exist, and where those who have involved very negative karmic patterns gravitate to when they pass on from this realm. This is a huge subject, but to be brief, those who have knowledge and power on those lower realms – and there are plenty of them – have learnt to hold back their reincarnation to this realm, this classroom, and they can influence what happens on this realm in order to amass greater power for themselves – more black energy. Why do you think dictators and tyrants have always existed on this realm? Why do you think such people are able to climb to positions of power so easily? Why is there constant war and conflict? It is never by chance, but by design. As the great saying goes: ‘The greatest stunt the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist’.


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