Anxiety – How to Win the Most Epic Battle in Human History estimates that up to 40% of us Humans experience anxiety issues at some point in our lives. 40%!!!!!!!!! That is no joke! Especially considering it only takes 7.7% to be considered an epidemic. People! We have a real problem on our hands! Why is this happening?????? And more importantly, WHAT THE HELL CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?!!???

Time to call in some insight from my Akashic Records (the realm of higher consciousness where all information, EVER, is stored). I am a certified practitioner of this energy healing modality, meaning, I can, with permission, open the Akashic Records of my clients and ask for the highest wisdom, guidance, and clarity, for whatever life experiences they request. I can also ask how they can best heal their bodies and minds, and help anchor in this healing energy. (Hmm, the thought just ran through my mind as I type, What happens when learning to access one’s own Akashic Records becomes the new epidemic? )


Okay, back to reality….hysterical laughter, as most people in my life regard me as being a little “out there”…maybe I’ll just say, back to the task at hand, which is asking my Records, “Whadup with anxiety?”


So, 40% huh? That’s seems nuts, but I believe it. I’ve had my own encounters with anxiety.  My thoughts race from one negative possibility to the next. Forget deep breathing and finding my happy place, this is REAL.


Of course it is REAL. You make it real.


No, it’s real real. Not me making it real. It is real.


So says your brain.


Yeah says my brain!


What does your heart say?


My heart doesn’t speak.


BINGO! Therein lies your problem. See, in this experiment, you were given a brain. A human-


WOAH WOAH WOAH! In this experiment? Whatchu talkin’ bout, WIllis?


Being human can be looked at as an experiment for your Soul. Somewhere beyond space and time, you have agreed to participate in this experiment to learn specific lessons of your choosing.  Incarnating as a Human is an advanced level degree, let’s say. There are physical challenges and dangers in this experiment, which is why you need an application to help you with “fight or flight” circumstances. So you are given a brain upon entry. There are also deep emotions to navigate, which is why you are given a heart (and we are referring to the heart chakra space where the ability to love is located, not just the organ that pumps and circulates blood). Anxiety is a byproduct of the most epic battle in human history. The head versus the heart.


Hmm. Okay fine. You’re entitled to your opinion and I asked for it, so I guess I’ll listen….and it’s at least interesting if nothing else.  So I was given the brain and the heart, what about courage, oh Great and Powerful Wizard? hahaha….


Settle down, Hollywood…Courage is a choice. And one of the most important choices you will ever make. But, let’s get back to the brain. A most amazing creation. A self-learning computer. It’s original function was to assimilate information for processing the risk and removal of dangerous situations. And, like we mentioned, the brain is a self-learning computer. With every use, it gains and stores more knowledge. Pretty cool! And tough to discount that kind of usefulness. BUT, there is more to consider.

The ego, is also located here. The ego categorizes this increase in knowledge, as power. So the ego starts telling the brain how powerful it is, and the brain is off to the races, now processing and coming to conclusions about everything in sight! The brain is literally taking over…telling you what is “real” based on it’s conclusions. And you believe this brain of yours! It is controlling you without you even knowing it!

Unfortunately, the brain can only make conclusions based on what it has experienced and/or what it can understand.  The heart, however, has the ability to intuitively understand things beyond one’s own limited experiences. The heart has the energetic wiring to connect to the collective consciousness, not just the individual consciousness like the brain. This makes the heart far more powerful. But you don’t see and honor your heart for this because your brain is telling you that IT is in charge. Your brain convinces you that it’s logic (which based on its very limited experience relatively speaking) is more powerful than the COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCES! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Funny what a little ego can do, huh?

Anxiety is actually your heart speaking up! Which is why the physical heart often starts POUNDING during an anxiety attack. It’s saying “Hey, you are getting it all wrong!”


Grr…I don’t like to get things wrong. How do I get it right?


You must learn to move your consciousness from your head into your heart. Imagine it, visualize it. Put your consciousness into an elevator and ride it down into your heart space. Learn to see people from your heart. Learn to see situations from your heart. Learn to react with your heart. Once society learns to move into their heart space, everything changes. Everyone will then gain access to unlimited knowledge and the highest levels of truth. This kind of epidemic will create a new race of Humans. A race categorized by the recognition of Oneness with higher consciousness.  A race where anxiety ceases to exist.

Want a physical way to exercise this shift from brain to heart?  Jodi Thomas, let’s call her a “Surrender Coach”,  gave a GREAT piece of advice on Facebook today. She said I could share. 🙂

Ever hear of Yoga?

There is a posture in yoga called Uttanasana, or forward fold, or standing forward bend. Something tells me this is sooooo beyond just a toe touch, people.


Use this posture to remind yourself to lead with your heart. Hmm, I wonder as I type, could it be that this knowledge is already programmed into this posture? It just might be…..Thanks, Jodi. Simple and easy.

Until next time, my friends, practice staying in your heart space instead of your head. It could be missing piece you’ve been searching for. It changes EVERYTHING.



For more information regarding private sessions with me, check out the link below. I am available worldwide!


2 thoughts on “Anxiety – How to Win the Most Epic Battle in Human History

  1. LOVE………..LOVE………….LOVE…………..this post and information! Thank you Emily to continue to open the gateways of the heart for healing.


  2. cool…

    “out there” often times more clear than “in here” as in stagnant, stuck or close minded.

    Keep trucking!

    On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 5:40 PM, ask your records wrote:

    > Emily Harrison posted: “ estimates that up to 40% of us > Humans experience anxiety issues at some point in our lives. 40%!!!!!!!!! > That is no joke! Especially considering it only takes 7.7% to be considered > an epidemic. People! We have a real problem on our hands! ” >


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