Urgent Memo! Your DNA is Upgrading!

Who feels it? Intense energy in your life at the moment? Maybe it’s a funk. Maybe it’s a heaviness you can’t explain. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and under stimulated by your day to day tasks. Maybe your thoughts are going a mile a minute. Maybe you feel it and you don’t even realize what you are feeling…

There is a BIG and very IMPORTANT cosmic reason you are feeling the way you do. Want the skippy? Bring me your bread, Mama is making samiches.

Let’s start by discussing the seasons. We have seasons here on Earth because of our precise location and tilt in space as we orbit the Sun. Right? Follow me? Good. Now what about our Solar System? Is it orbiting something, too? Here is what Nasa’s website had to say:


So, could we draw the conclusion that there are also different “seasons” for our entire Solar System? Sorta… see, as we fly through different parts of our galaxy, we encounter different kinds of stuff. Different kinds of electromagnetic radiation that has various effects on us humans. COOL FACT: During the period known as the”Dark Ages”, we were actually moving through a dark part of our galaxy. And, now, during this Age ofAquarius (which can easily translate as the Age of Enlightenment), we are passing through a very photon dense part of the galaxy.

What exactly are photons? Light particles.

Did you know that LIGHT, similar to sound waves, carry information?

And check this out. How exactly does our DNA communicate with our cells? Through Biophotons. (Same as the regular photons, these are called “Bio” photons because they show up in life forms, or our bodies.)

This brings me to Ascension Wave X. Yes, it has a name. This is a wave of photonic light coming from the Galactic center. It has three stages. The first wave hit our Earth in September of last year. The second one came a few days ago (which is why you may be feeling all wonky).  And, a third installment is set to arrive in June of this year.

What does all this mean? Well, if we can make the leap and understand light as knowledge, instead of something that penetrates the dark (ha ha, because knowledge does that too, right? Penetrates the dark?), we can draw the conclusion  that we are being exposed to massive amounts of knowledge, in the precise form that communicates with our DNA. Booya.

Now, while this thought of upgrading our DNA seems all hunky dory, it can, actually, make us feel kinda crapy at first. Which is the way growth often happens. Think of a new exercise routine, often we can feel quite sore and tired when we first begin.

Here are some common ascension symptoms:

  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • drowsiness
  • irritability
  • sickness
  • relationship issues
  • communication issues
  • loss of emotional balance

Why do we experience negative side effects? Simple, it is the old energy leaving our system. The old and outdated ways we perceive life must go, and when they pack up and move out, yep, we feel it. Doesn’t feel like a party. But hang in there, because it will!

Here is a partial list of what happens when our DNA upgrades:

  • telepathic communication (usually beginning with animals)
  • enhanced empathy
  • higher IQ (more brain power)
  • eternal youth (the body appears to stop aging)
  • precognitive dreaming (dreaming of the future)
  • dream walking (entering another person’s dreams)
  • remote viewing (visualizing events that happen anywhere)
  • mind reading
  • very fast healing!!!!

So, how can you make the most of this Ascension Wave X? Easy money! Go outside and stand in the sunshine. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Know and allow all these magnificent photons to enter your body and give them your permission to do their thing. Done and done. FullSizeRender 3

Remember, we are made of light! Allow it in! See what happens….





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