The Most Important Shift You Can Make to Increase Your Consciousness

Let’s face it, most of us want what we want, YESTERDAY! Doesn’t matter if it’s a material thing, or a feeling, or a new relationship, or a cup of coffee. Let’s just get it going, already!

Want a FAST and FOOLPROOF way to upgrade your consciousness? I’ve got a plan…straight from the Akashic Records!!!!

Man, I love when I “download” an exercise from the realm of Spirit and it shifts me fast and furiously. Well, I tend to love any thing that is fast and furious. Like a good roller coaster. Makes me happy….And, I think we ALL want to be happier, experience more ease and pleasure in our day to day lives, right?  Who doesn’t want to laugh more, to feel more peaceful, to feel more connected to our love ones. Who doesn’t want to love their life?!!???

The bigger question is, “Why has this become so difficult?”

The simple answer is, because our brains have gotten in the way and our hearts have taken a back seat. All the processing of day to day life happens in the mind, for most of us. In order to experience the next level of consciousness, or awareness of life and how we create it, we need to activate our hearts. We need to learn to see others, to see situations, and our experiences, through our hearts. So, here is a simple way to activate your heart, and get the energy of joy and ease flowing through your being.

  • Take a few breaths and tune your awareness to your inhale and exhale.
  • Find the space within your mind where your consciousness exists.
  • Imagine gathering your consciousness into a crystal ball.
  • Then with your intention, move that crystal ball down into your heart.
  • Tell your crystal ball of consciousness that it is safe to hang out here.

This exercise will help you retrain your consciousness to reside in your heart space, instead of your monkey mind.

Next, set an alert on your phone to go off three times per day. Give yourself this simple reminder to practice this exercise every time your alert goes off. Listen, unless we change our behavior, things in our life will stay the same. If you are truly tired of the same old same old, you have to do something about it. Now, I’m not asking you to take a trip to Peru so you can meditate all day. This is a simple idea, that if you do it, I promise it will change you fast! If you are ready for more happiness, more joy, more health, more abundance, and more ease in your life, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Try this exercise for just a week and see if your life doesn’t get better!

The energy of a New Earth is here! This is THE SECRET to tapping into the new vibrations available to all of us! And it’s not a secret that is reserved for a select few. It’s time to step into all you were meant to be in this life. All you have to is learn to move your awareness into your heart space. So easy. You got this.

And with that, I’m off for my Friday art lesson at my children’s school. Time the teach the kiddies how to draw kitties…



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