WARNING! Strong Dose of Courage Inside…Enough to Kickstart Your Own Personal Revolution!

First, I have to acknowledge how challenging it is to take a fist bump selfie. This activity took about an hour longer than I expected it to. I tried various placements of my fist, different sassy faces and filters, even tried to capture it with an element of motion…not so easy…

Hopefully you got a good laugh in…back to post where I promise to zap you with life courage…

Hello out there! How is the Holiday season treating you?

That’s kind of a trick question as life only brings us what we ask for…via our energetic vibration…which can’t be fooled. If we vibrate to stress then we get stressful experiences. If we vibrate to joy, we get joyful experiences.

Therefore, it becomes massively important to check in with our vibration. 

Are there areas in your life where you want to move forward and it’s not happening?

Check out my Periscope show from this week!  You will receive some powerful energy transmissions to bring clarity and flow to your life. What the heck is receiving an energy transmission? Come find out….







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