Are You Trapped by Time?

For this post, it’s going to be important that you make space for new thoughts. So, to set you up for success, I’m going to suggest places for you to pause and breathe. Deal?

Deal. Here we go. (Deep breath here.)



Our thoughts about time govern a huge portion of our lives. From our schedules, to our self-judgments about how we are progressing, time keeps tabs on us.

Which I find very unfortunate because time is really bullshit. (I didn’t say it first, Einstein did, I believe.)

It isn’t even a real thing, other than humans made it up, then decided to live by it.

Time isn’t even linear. (Meaning happening in a line, or past, present, and future, in that order.) It’s actually happening forward, and backward, and all at once, and all at the same time, and no time.

What the hell?


Precisely why humans stick with linear time.

(Pause. Also, chuckle perhaps, because that last line was kinda funny. And deep breath.)

What would happen if you tuned into a frequency where time doesn’t exist. What would change in your life?


ARE  YOU CURIOUS TO KNOW WHO YOU WOULD BE IF YOU WEREN’T LIMITED BY YOUR OWN PERCEPTIONS OF TIME? Or was your curiosity squashed as a toddler, which tends to happen. That’s about the time our curiosity becomes a problem.

(Pause. Deep Breath.)

WHAT IF I COULD SNAP YOU OUT OF IT? Just like that. No therapy. No side effects. Well, other than expanded awareness. Just zap you with some energy. Would you want to check that out?

And that’s just what happened with the first caller…it doesn’t stop there.

Here’s your engraved invitation:


Allow me to request

the honor of your presence

at replay of my weekly healing show on Periscope:

Akashic Answers with Emily

(Click Here)


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