My Week with Multiple Personalities

This week was spent nurturing personalities.

“Big People” personalties.

I’m quite used to managing children, but their adult counterparts…eh, I don’t usually spend much time managing other adults who are hanging around. That would make me type A and annoying…

…Until recently when I launched my online program to teach others to do what I do. Read the Akashic Records.

Okay, if I’m totally transparent, I didn’t just recently launch my course. It was done and launched a long ass time ago. I just didn’t know how to share it with people.

Pardon my French.

I found a mentor to teach me what I needed to know.

Okay, the said mentor found me. This happens, as you know.

Fast forward six weeks and a million things I’ve learned…I now have handfuls of students. or hands full of students…and I want to be the most effective teacher I can for them.

In a nutshell, this is my week:

I’m having a growth spurt. (Like a teenager.)

I’m expending huge bursts of energy to accomplish big projects.  (Like a cheetah.)

Now I need a nap. (Like a Boss. I need a boss nap. I need to be my own boss and tell myself to take a nap. See what I mean?…)

AND! I didn’t even tell you about what happened on Monday…but I do in the show. 😉

I’m getting better at listening to my body when it needs rest. I no longer plow through chores that can wait. And I know when to call in a little help from my friends…which is what I did on this week’s episode…

AKASHIC ANSWERS with Emily(click to view)

One thought on “My Week with Multiple Personalities

  1. Hi Emily, I Love You so much! And all your personalities. Please take a nap every day, it helps keep your energy up. You’re cute, you’re cool and you’re smart!! Keep up the good work sweetie 😇💜😇 Xoxox Namaste Peace


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