The Apollo Landing

When I was 4, I asked for a bike for Christmas. Not just any bike, a Strawberry Shortcake cruiser with a basket. A deluxe edition, meaning training wheels or not, my choice.

I would lie in bed and dream of myself riding this bike around the cul-de-sac. I felt free. I felt like I could take on the world. Here I was at 4 years old, visualizing my best self.

And, this best, 4 year old, self wasn’t acting alone in her world conquering…she had a secret weapon in that Strawberry Shortcake basket…a kitten.

That’s right, my visualization came with a kitten.

Fast forward 35 years, to the Super Bowl, last weekend.

My dear friend (and famous chef) Mommy Bistro invited my family to spend the day with hers, first hiking and then noshing at her place. No brainer.

After an 8 mile hike to the sacred Chumash land, we gathered at her house for inspired food and conversation. I’m pretty sure the game was even on.

When out prances Sugar. The cat.

Now the only reason I have yet to pull this trigger, is my husband is not a cat guy.

Yet, on this particular day, every time I would leave the room, he would say to one of the kids, “Don’t tell your mother, but I really like Sugar.”

Seems he forgot I can read his mind.

Well, I can read his mind, but this time, the kids told me.

That’s permission, right?

I named him Apollo.

You get to meet him in this episode.


P.S. I got a new bike this Christmas…True story…look out world.


Come join me.



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