Owning It

Okay, time for me to go Dr. Phil…

Everything in your life is a result of your choices. Your choices to take a certain job, to feel certain feelings, and to think certain thoughts.


Some people get stuck before this point. They say, “But, I didn’t have a choice.”

EHHHHHHHNT! (That was my attempt at spelling a loud buzzing noise, as in wrong answer.)

You always have choices. Always. You may not be particularly fond of any in front of you. But. You. Always. Have. A. Choice.

Your life is a result of these choices. I already said that. I had to say it again, because it’s worth driving home.

Here’s what happens when you OWN your choices. You become the Boss. The HBIC. You call the shots. No one else.

Now, that you have your control back…I’m going in search of mine. I had a few things to own this week…

This wasn’t my first public apology. My first happened when I was 5. I was grocery shopping with my Mom and Granny. On the way out, I asked my Mom if I could get some candy this time, to which she said no. So, I took matters into my own hands. I swiped a pack of Twizzlers from the Kroger checkout stand.

We got home and my Mom must have wondered why I was attempting to slither out of the backseat with my arm and hand glued to my thigh. (The Twizzlers fit pretty well going long ways up my arm….if I kept my arm pinned to my side.)

“What’s under your arm?”

Damn. Doesn’t fit as well as I thought.

I showed her.

“Did Granny buy that for you?”

Brillant! Yes! I think….but when I opened my mouth the truth came out.


DAMN AGAIN! I was home free, why’d I say that?! …but I wasn’t….I had already thought about how hard those stolen Twizzlers would be to swallow. I’d likely choke.

I was promptly escorted back to the store where I had to tell the manager what I had done.

I owned it that day. Kinda sucked.

The next day I felt better. I definitely knew I had the power to avoid this in the future.

And that’s the big leagues, folks.

Let me ask you, if there is something in your life that isn’t working for you…be it a relationship, a job, a whatever, WHAT CAN YOU DO TO AVIOD IT IN THE FUTURE?

Own it, and you become the Boss of you.



AKASHIC ANSWERS with Emily on Love In Action TV (click to view replay)







One thought on “Owning It

  1. Great story ! And so true, let me introduce myself😀 my name is Pino leaving in the Netherlands 48 years and searching to find myself after all this year’s. A couple of years at I lost my job, my marriage and a lot of other shit ( sorry for the word). Sitting at home inhale the time to think about the past and how I got in this situation. I became depressed and had panics etc. I did not want to start with medication because I want to solve this by my own. I am an HSP for sure but in my childhood I learned to not listen to my feeling that why I am now in the situation where I am. Still working hard and to understand an let the feelings and what kind of thoughts to be there. Sometimes it is hard really hard because of the old patterns, but I know that this time will help me to find who I really am and what I should do. Just wanted to share my stpry Thank you for being there glad that I found you and FB….Pino Tarani


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