Little Miss Muffet…

…Sat on a tuffet, eating of curds and whey. When along came a spider that sat down beside her, and frightened Miss Muffet away.

Fables, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories from our childhood…They become engrained. They become how we see life. And, we rarely do we even know it’s happening. Yep, we hold on to things from our past, and they come back to bite us in the tuffet. Miss Muffet latched on to a big dose of fear that will chase her around and cause all kinds of problems.

But what if Miss Muffet weren’t afraid of the spiders? How would that change things?


Watch this week’s episode of Akashic Answers with Emily to understand the deeper connection between our past and our physical health.


AKASHIC ANSWERS with Emilyakashic-answers-with-emily

2 thoughts on “Little Miss Muffet…

  1. First replay if watched in a long time. Fortunately you have enough people who take it sincerely to counteract the imps. You are strong and getting stronger!! Nurture your children sweetheart, you’re a mother first. I Love You Em 😇💜😇 Peace Love Light and Compassion Namaste Xoxox plus Gratitude and Forgiveness

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