What is God?


I decided to ask a few of my close peeps.

“Huh?” was the answer of my 13 year old. Then he realized I wasn’t joking and he gave me a good one, “God is a place where everything is okay. No stress.”

God as a place…I like it…

“Loving. Kind. Everywhere.” This came from the 7 year old.

Everywhere. There is that “God is a place” reference again. So interesting…

Middle child had this to say. “Wait, mom, I’ve really got to concentrate on this level.”

And, to round out my search, I asked my friend Ballou, who owns the corner liquor store. He said “Power.” Then he told me an off color Gandhi joke in his thick accent.

Why am I asking? Because someone asked me. And recorded my answer. My partner at the Akashic Academy, Nick and I are recording episodes of our new podcast that will be released on iTunes later this month. Our first episode, “What is God?” went off with many hitches (all of which you guys can see because we live streamed the recording session from behind the scenes..so freaking fun…check out the videos on our FaceBook page The Akashic Academy and be sure to like our page if you haven’t!)

I’m wondering about this idea of God as a place.

Because, I think of the Akashic Records as a place, sort of…

It’s actually a matrix of energy, but, thinking of it in these terms makes it hard to conceptualize, so I do better if I think of it as a giant library. A place. That vibrates with unconditional love and oneness. Both of those energies are God to me.

Curious what this giant “God-brary” has to say about getting over the past? And, why we, as a collective, are experiencing so much anxiety? And, EVEN BETTER, what you can do about it? Then check out this week’s of Akashic Answer’s with Emily.


Akashic Answers with Emily

(click for the replay)

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