How Do You Like to Heal?

Seems like a funny question. Maybe you didn’t even realize there were different ways to do it…maybe you thought it was just something that happened to you. Nope. More to this story. Lots more. Turns out there are as many ways to heal as there are flavors at Baskin Robbins. And, as many of you know, my trusty tuning fork is one of my favorites. I share it with everyone, from my husband’s baseball team, to the village kids in third world countries, and even the solar panel salesman that stopped by my house the other day. True story.



Coach Nick and I discussed this topic recently. Hear what else we have to say about this topic in this week’s episode of The Akashic Podcast. (And please leave us a review on iTunes and let us know what you think!)

The Akashic Podcast: Exploring Healing Modalities

Are you interested in becoming a healer? If you said YES, reach out to me and let me share with you how you can accomplish this!!! Send me an email to or click here to schedule a free chat with me.






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