Finding Life More Crazy, Lately?


Have you noticed yourself asking, more than usual, “What the eff is going on?”

My tendency is to ask questions.

I’ve always liked asking them.  Growing up, when a teacher would ask if anyone had any questions, if I didn’t have a real one, this front of the class girl would think fast to make one up.

Asking questions makes me feel smart. Seeking answers has always been an exhilarating past time. Okay, yes, that sounds incredibly nerdy.

And, I tend to like all kinds of answers. I like it when the answer makes perfect sense… I like it when the answers seem counter-intuitive… I especially like the ones that seem bat shit crazy.

Seem being the important word here. Seem means to give an impression, or to appear in a certain way.

Now, remember, the history of my early adult life, took place in Hollywood. The land of smoke and mirrors where nothing is at it seems. I got a first hand, behind the scenes look at how the magic happens.

Is it such a surprise that I want these kinds of answers for all of life? I don’t think so.

So, I dig into the mysteries of the cosmos, metaphysics, and ancient wisdoms, where I find the kind of mind blowing answers that satisfy my search. If you like answers that make you think harder, if you like answers that send chills down your spine, if you like answers that make you question life as you thought you knew it, then you will like Akashic Answers with Emily.

This week, I tackle the task of breaking down, “What the eff is going on?” Come get some cosmic answers that will have a direct effect on your life… Come get some chills down your spine.

Akashic Answers with Emily (Click Here for Replay)




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