Anyone Can Read Oracle Cards

Oh, the mystical magical world we live in….

As deeper cosmic wisdom permeates our planet, we are all being called to step it up! To get intuitive! And like it!

On my journey, I’ve found reading oracle cards to be a HUGE step-it-up activity, because it requires me to get intuitive, think symbolically, and make connections in my life. It also takes less guts than doing moon dances on my front lawn.

Reading cards is something that anyone can do, and it’s ridiculously fun to give yourself and your friends readings. My mind is continuously blown by the accuracy of the messages and how much they help me to stay in a high vibration. My kids even enjoy getting readings.

This week on The A&E Show, Amanda Marie and I shared  a complete class on how to read cards. Check out the replay below to learn everything you need to know to get started, including where to get yourself a deck of cards.

oracle card mastery-2

Oracle Card Mastery Class (Click to view)



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