Akashic Applause





With over 1000 hours giving private readings, I would like to share some of the peace, joy, and wisdom, my clients have found during our magical sessions together…


“Emily has the unique and beautiful ability to open and hold a sacred and safe space for others while simultaneously using humor, being human, allowing guidance to flow in and articulating that guidance in a way that’s relatable. She is able to ask questions that will enable one to access their own wisdom and connect dots that had previously been disparate. I left my reading with Emily feeling empowered, lighter and expanded yet grounded. Now who couldn’t use a little of THAT in their life?! Highly recommended!” ~S.K., California


Image-1“Every time Emily opens my records, I get more clarity on issues that I am currently facing, or that have been in the back of my mind for a while.  The last two times that I have worked with her, I leave knowing what steps I need to take next.  In addition, after the readings, when I find myself in a difficult situation,  I am able to directly apply guidance and advice provided in the readings. Examples: For the past two years I had fleeting thoughts of selling my home, but never moved forward because I could not pinpoint what irked me. After opening my records I understood the reason and became determined to sell my home. The next week, I put the home on the market and it sold on the first week of showing. It felt great! ” ~A.V., California

“I found Emily’s reading easy to understand and relevant. The reading was accurate and helpful at the time it was received. The information was spot on and I enjoyed the humor.”~L.S. Perth, Australia


“Emily provided deep insight to my personal and professional life. Her nurturing attitude and ease with facilitating readings made me comfortable and passionate about the knowledge she had to share with me. It has made a deep impact on my life and I highly recommend her.” ~ J.G., Cali


Image-1-1“Having your Akashic record opened is a powerful spiritual experience. Emily is there to help guide you through the process and is always willing and available to help with anything that comes up. I am grateful to have connected with her and have learned a great deal from her gift and experience.” ~T.G., Maryland


“Spiritual guidance and Readings have always been a huge influence as they are mirrors to our Soul. I have NEVER had a more accurate and on point reading about who I am and what I am doing in this life. I HIGHLY recommend you reach out to her, and see what your Soul need to know so you can move into a higher state of consciousness.” ~A.C. Colorado


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