The Apollo Landing

When I was 4, I asked for a bike for Christmas. Not just any bike, a Strawberry Shortcake cruiser with a basket. A deluxe edition, meaning training wheels or not, my choice. I would lie in bed and dream of myself riding this bike around the cul-de-sac. I felt free. I felt like I could … More The Apollo Landing

One Smart Fellow…

…he felt smart. Two smart fellows, they both felt smart. That’s right. Now say it fast…Including the title, the whole thing. (This is just to prepare you for where we are going in this episode.) Yes, public farting comes up. Not by me. I don’t do that. Ever. I shouldn’t say ever… On purpose, anyway. … More One Smart Fellow…

My Week with Multiple Personalities

This week was spent nurturing personalities. “Big People” personalties. I’m quite used to managing children, but their adult counterparts…eh, I don’t usually spend much time managing other adults who are hanging around. That would make me type A and annoying… …Until recently when I launched my online program to teach others to do what I … More My Week with Multiple Personalities


Wow…this was my favorite day on my show. So far. The healing and insight that came through left me in awe…I’m tough to shut up and leave speechless. (If this is not your first rodeo with me, I’m sure you have noticed.) We talk manic depression, life and career changes, and I forgot the other … More FAVORITE SO FAR!!!

Anxiety – How to Win the Most Epic Battle in Human History estimates that up to 40% of us Humans experience anxiety issues at some point in our lives. 40%!!!!!!!!! That is no joke! Especially considering it only takes 7.7% to be considered an epidemic. People! We have a real problem on our hands! Why is this happening?????? And more importantly, WHAT THE HELL CAN WE … More Anxiety – How to Win the Most Epic Battle in Human History

Time to Get Big

Hello! Wow, I’m really excited to share this! I’ve been interviewed as an EXPERT in my field. I’m feeling so much gratitude and appreciation for this new project, as well as this journey I’m on. Please checkout my interview on a new Podcast that was launched earlier this week and already topping the iTunes Charts. … More Time to Get Big