Chakra Balancing and DNA Activation

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “energy wheel”. These are invisible vortexes of energy within our bodies, and each is responsible for a flow of energy that affects different areas of our lives. While there are many chakras in the body (114 to be exact), this service focuses on the seven main chakras and includes a bonus activation of the two chakras that anchor our being into Mother Earth, and connect us to Father Sky.

Why balance these centers? Well, we know that everything is energy. And most of us now recognize the Universal truth that life brings us a match to whatever vibration we are emitting to the Universe. If your life is presenting you with experiences that are less than ideal, it is because somewhere in your being, perhaps on a subconscious level, you are asking the Universe for this particular circumstance. Now, we can spend time psychoanalyzing our subconscious beliefs and work on ways to release old belief systems and create new ones for ourselves. We can repeat mantras like, “I am worthy. I am worthy.” But, if we can’t get the energy to truly shift, it won’t work.


We can energetically balance the chakra that corresponds to the area in our life where we are affected, changing the vibration that we are emitting to Universe, which of course, changes what the Universe brings us in return. For those of us who are ready to take full responsibility for what happens in our life, this method can be far easier. Once the chakras are balanced and flowing, we find we feel balanced and in the flow,  without a lot of effort! It becomes our default mode.


Once I have scanned and balanced your seven main chakras, I then activate and balance the Soul Star chakra and the Earth Star chakra to help you maintain the new level of flow through your body.

We finish the session with the DNA activation. Scientists have long known that we have 12 strands of DNA, however, they have only been able to explain the purpose of 2 of the 12 strands…so they called the other 10 “junk”.  As it turns out, these are not “junk”, but rather these sub-dimensional layers of DNA allow our perception and communication with the sub-dimensional layer of reality. (Or the stuff we cannot see, but is most definitely there.) It is possible activate these strands of DNA. This process is crucial in our awakening and enlightenment.

Ready for something super cool? This not only affects you and your ability to create your life, but those around you receive an upgrade as well. This is based on another Universal Law that states we are all connected. So, if you upgrade, those around you will naturally begin to vibrate at a higher rate as well.

If you are interested in changing your life from the inside out, this service may be just what you are looking for.

Single Sessions are  $250.00 USD / 1 hour

3 Session Packages are $600.00 USD (3 one hour sessions, scheduled separately) 

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