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I offer a variety of energy healing services based on your specific needs. Sessions are available worldwide via FaceTime, Skype, or over the phone.

Please click the links below for service descriptions and prices. Single sessions as well as package deals are available.

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Private Akashic Record Readings – Allows you to ask specific questions and brings forward the highest levels of wisdom, guidance, and healing energy

Past Life Clearing and Retrieval – Allows you to examine your past life incarnations, gain insight and clear karma, as well as re-unite with positive attributes from previous incarnations

Chakra Balancing and DNA Activation – Can facilitate dramatic life change from the inside out, bringing harmony and balance to your inner vibration, which alters your physical reality. Session also includes an activation of dormant DNA which opens one to communicate with higher realms, self heal, astral travel, etc.

Third Eye Attunement – Energetically strengthens and repairs the rods and cones responsible for receiving and transmitting frequencies from the Third Eye.

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