Host an Akashic Records Training in Your City

For those who wish to experience Emily’s course, “Learning to Read the Akashic Records” in their own city, The Akashic Academy now offers the opportunity for affiliate partners to bring workshops to their home towns. 

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Do you like to learn in person?

Are you a Lightworker and want to advance your impact with clients?

Do you want to experience a quantum jump in your spiritual advancement, regardless of where you are today?

Perfect if you are a (n):

Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Healer, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Seeking Spiritual Development

Gain Access to Infinite Cosmic Wisdom ~ Spiritual growth never ends! You need an access point to infinite cosmic wisdom, so you can continue unplugging from the old 3D matrix, and develop new multi-dimensional skills that will assist you, as you create in 5D. If you want to energetically up-level, this course is for you.

Imagine your life with unlimited access to the highest cosmic guidance and wisdom. What would you finally heal? What would you finally create? Imagine your light shinning so bright that your impact is forever expanding!

 Your Akashic Records hold every detail from your past, present, and future...


Are you ready? 

  • To shed all the negativity in your life?
  • To heal yourself of old wounds?
  • To discover who you are without all your baggage?

Are you ready?

  • To be happy and peaceful in every moment?
  • To experience deep connection with family and friends?
  • To create a life of passion and purpose?

Are you ready to learn the most powerful skill of your life?

In the Akashic Records Certification training, you will be taught a process to align with the highest cosmic intelligence, allowing you to:

  • Personally heal yourself of emotional and physical dis-ease
  • Identify and clear oppressive belief systems
  • Experience deep and transformative self-love
  • Clear ancestral energy patterns no longer serving you or the collective
  • Understand your life mission and open access to your highest potential
  • Access your quantum healing abilities
  • Unlock new energetic skills


This process is designed to:

  • Activate Christ- Consciousness DNA
  • Activate crystalline Light Body (Merkaba)
  • Open access to multidimensional skills
  • Facilitate self-healing and personal transformation
  • Provide required course content for Akashic Records Practitioner Certification
  • Increase spiritual confidence
  • Activate Unified Chakra field
  • Anchor a personal timeline shift into 5D

Here’s what my students experience:

  • Transformative self-love and self-actualization
  • Activation of crystalline DNA
  • Improved clarity in their psychic senses making cosmic messages easy to understand and share
  • Blossoming of their multi-dimensional skills
  • Infinite access to knowledge and understanding, including how to shift any circumstance in their lives
  • Increased connection and support from their Light Team, including Masters, Ascended Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, Angels, Archangels, and Spirit Guides.
  • Deeper trust with themselves and the Universe
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • How to utilize the Akashic Records for infinite content creation and creative inspiration
  • Opportunity to become a certified practitioners of the Akashic Records

Course syllabus:

Level 1: Introduction to the Akashic Records

2 day workshop

Maximum: 15 Students

Total Cost in USD: $3000 +$50/ student lab fee ($1000 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FEE) 

Module 1: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the Akashic Records
Module 2: Prerequisites to Reading the Akashic Records
Module 3: The Sacred Ritual/ Opening the Akashic Records
Module 4: How to Deal with Blocks
Module: Reading the Records of Animals, Locations, and Crystals

Level 2: Radical Self Transformation through the Akashic Records

3 Day Workshop

Maximum: 15 Students

Total Cost in USD: $3750 +$50/ student lab fee ($1000 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FEE) 

Module 6: Search for Higher Understanding
Module 7: Characteristics of the Akashic Records/ Expanding Your Growth
Module 8: Discovering the True Nature of Life
Module 9: Using the Akashic Records for Healing
Module 10: Expanding Our Understanding of Karma, Linear Time, and Unity Consciousness

Level 3: Advanced Healing Protocols with the Akashic Records

3 Day Workshop

Maximum: 15 Students

Total Cost in USD: $3750 +$50/ student lab fee ($1000 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FEE) 

Module 11: Exploring past Life Connections to Present Life Issues
Module 12: Recovering Your Ancient Wisdom
Module 13: Strengthening Your Future
Module 14: Understanding Ancestral Patterns
Module 15: Reading for Clients

What I love most is Emily Harrison and her real, vulnerable and chill approach to her teachings

Hey Emily, here is my testim2

If you are interested in working with the Akashic Academy to bring a workshop to your city, we want to hear from you.

Travel, lodging, and classroom arrangements are made by The Akashic Academy and each enrolled student will supplied all course material. The number of students is up to you! (Up to a 15 student maximum.) Host a private weekend training for yourself and your friends, that will change your lives forever!

Workshops are scheduled based on Emily’s availability.

Use this link to schedule a time to chat with Emily about brining a worksop to your city, and be sure to let Emily know in the comments on your booking form, that you are interested in hosting a workshop!

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