Learning to Read the Akashic Records


Learn to Read the Akashic Records

Training and Certification:

with Emily Harrison

Course Commitment: 15 Weeks

$999.00 (payment plans available)

In three months you can change your experience of life.

Easy and fun video modules, along with a printable journal, make learning fast and effective! EVERYTHING you need to understand and access the Divine Realm of the Akashic Records, from beginning techniques to advanced healing protocols. NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!! It’s all here for you!

Each week a new lesson is delivered to you via email. 15 lessons total.

Students have the opportunity to join online support meetings, as well as access the recordings of these meetings.

Level 1 / Month 1: Learning to Read the Akashic Records

Week 1: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the Akashic Records
Week 2: Prerequisites to Reading the Akashic Records
Week 3: The Sacred Ritual/ Opening the Akashic Records
Week 4: How to Deal with Blocks
Week  5: Reading the Records of Animals, Locations, and Crystals

Level 2 / Month 2: Learning to Read the Akashic Records 

Week 6: Search for Higher Understanding
Week 7: Characteristics of the Akashic Records/ Expanding Your Growth
Week 8: Discovering the True Nature of Life
Week 9: Using the Akashic Records for Healing
Week 10: Expanding Our Understanding of Karma, Linear Time, and Unity Consciousness

Level 3 / Month 3: Learning to Read the Akashic Records 

Week 11: Exploring past Life Connections to Present Life Issues
Week 12: Recovering Your Ancient Wisdom
Week 13: Strengthening Your Future
Week 14: Understanding Ancestral Patterns
Week 15: Reading for Clients

Optional Certification for Learning to Read the Akashic Records $100.00 USD (must complete all three levels of Learning to Read the Akashic Records)

If you are interested in registering, or knowing more information, email Emily at: