An Akashic Look at Anxiety, Body Weight, and Career

Every single live show is different. Except something usually falls over. That part is the same. I especially loved this week’s episode of Akashic Answers with Emily because we talked about some big issues that everyone faces. Anxiety. Body weight. Career. All from the space of the Akashic Records. Anxiety is not fun…let’s just say … More An Akashic Look at Anxiety, Body Weight, and Career

Little Miss Muffet…

…Sat on a tuffet, eating of curds and whey. When along came a spider that sat down beside her, and frightened Miss Muffet away. Fables, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories from our childhood…They become engrained. They become how we see life. And, we rarely do we even know it’s happening. Yep, we hold on to … More Little Miss Muffet…

Me on Speed

I don’t look at mistakes as anything but an opportunity to roll with it. Which is good, because I make a lot of them. Something unique happens when we allow ourselves to venture into uncharted territory. Did I mean to go uncharted? Nope. Did I roll with it? You bet. Did it all work out … More Me on Speed

Owning It

Okay, time for me to go Dr. Phil… Everything in your life is a result of your choices. Your choices to take a certain job, to feel certain feelings, and to think certain thoughts. Period. Some people get stuck before this point. They say, “But, I didn’t have a choice.” EHHHHHHHNT! (That was my attempt … More Owning It