Past Life Clearing and Retrieval

Many times we find ourselves in behavioral or thought patterns that are really difficult to shift. I mean REALLY difficult. (Like a poverty mentality, perhaps.) Seems we’ve tried everything and still our same old ways of being and doing get the best of us. When this happens, it can be beneficial to explore our past lives and see what karma (which I like to think of as unlearned lessons) exists in our energy imprint.

We start by invoking your Akashic Records and we ask the Masters to bring forward the most prominant past life that is having an undesired affect on your present life. We ask for wisdom to understand the pattern on a deeper level, and then we release it.

After a good release, we then use the same idea to find a positive trait from a past life, and we reconnect you with this powerful attribute. (So, we look for a past life where you encompassed joy and success, where you stood in your glory and were everything you were meant to be, and we get reacquainted with that energy and infuse it back into your present energy field.)

Single Sessions are  $250.00 USD / 1 hour

3 Session Packages are $600.00 USD (3 one hour sessions, scheduled separately) 

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