What is God?

I decided to ask a few of my close peeps. “Huh?” was the answer of my 13 year old. Then he realized I wasn’t joking and he gave me a good one, “God is a place where everything is okay. No stress.” God as a place…I like it… “Loving. Kind. Everywhere.” This came from the … More What is God?

An Akashic Look at Anxiety, Body Weight, and Career

Every single live show is different. Except something usually falls over. That part is the same. I especially loved this week’s episode of Akashic Answers with Emily because we talked about some big issues that everyone faces. Anxiety. Body weight. Career. All from the space of the Akashic Records. Anxiety is not fun…let’s just say … More An Akashic Look at Anxiety, Body Weight, and Career

Owning It

Okay, time for me to go Dr. Phil… Everything in your life is a result of your choices. Your choices to take a certain job, to feel certain feelings, and to think certain thoughts. Period. Some people get stuck before this point. They say, “But, I didn’t have a choice.” EHHHHHHHNT! (That was my attempt … More Owning It

The Apollo Landing

When I was 4, I asked for a bike for Christmas. Not just any bike, a Strawberry Shortcake cruiser with a basket. A deluxe edition, meaning training wheels or not, my choice. I would lie in bed and dream of myself riding this bike around the cul-de-sac. I felt free. I felt like I could … More The Apollo Landing

One Smart Fellow…

…he felt smart. Two smart fellows, they both felt smart. That’s right. Now say it fast…Including the title, the whole thing. (This is just to prepare you for where we are going in this episode.) Yes, public farting comes up. Not by me. I don’t do that. Ever. I shouldn’t say ever… On purpose, anyway. … More One Smart Fellow…

My Week with Multiple Personalities

This week was spent nurturing personalities. “Big People” personalties. I’m quite used to managing children, but their adult counterparts…eh, I don’t usually spend much time managing other adults who are hanging around. That would make me type A and annoying… …Until recently when I launched my online program to teach others to do what I … More My Week with Multiple Personalities


Wow…this was my favorite day on my show. So far. The healing and insight that came through left me in awe…I’m tough to shut up and leave speechless. (If this is not your first rodeo with me, I’m sure you have noticed.) We talk manic depression, life and career changes, and I forgot the other … More FAVORITE SO FAR!!!

WARNING! Strong Dose of Courage Inside…Enough to Kickstart Your Own Personal Revolution!

First, I have to acknowledge how challenging it is to take a fist bump selfie. This activity took about an hour longer than I expected it to. I tried various placements of my fist, different sassy faces and filters, even tried to capture it with an element of motion…not so easy… Hopefully you got a … More WARNING! Strong Dose of Courage Inside…Enough to Kickstart Your Own Personal Revolution!