Private Akashic Record Readings



What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic (Ah-kah-shik) Records, also known as the Hall of Records, Universal Consciousness, and the Mind of God, are the realm of consciousness where all information, past, present, and future has been stored. (NOTE: The future is recorded in infinite possibility so there is always wiggle room! Yay!) It is possible to access this realm and bring forward answers to any and all of your life’s questions. The Records answer with the highest levels of wisdom, guidance, clarity, and unconditional love. There is always a measure of healing when the Akashic Records are accessed. This modality is PROFOUND, yet gentle, and offers information that is easy to understand. Your life will make much more sense following a session in your Akashic Records.

Animals and locations (like your house) also have Akashic Records. It is possible to seek the wisdom of the Records when you have concerns about your pet or your home, including the purchase of a new property.

If you are seeking more Divine and dynamic answers to the questions of your life, private reading and healing sessions are available.  It would be my pleasure to schedule that time for clarity and healing, with you.

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How do we connect for the session?

After booking your session, you will receive a Zoom link, which you will use to join me at the time of your session. Zoom is a free download and the preferred method for sessions. Other options are available if needed.

How much is a session and how do I pay?

For current booking rates visit (you are looking at an old website)

If you wish, your session can be recorded at no additional charge. You will receive a private viewing link to review you session anytime. This is highly recommended as there are many layers of wisdom and healing within a session. Clients receive a deeper uncovering of understanding on the second viewing.

If you are currently serving, or have in the past, served our country in any branch of the military, I would like to extend you a discounted rate. Ask me!

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How can I prepare for my session?

Start by writing down your intentions for the session. What do you hope to gain from this time?

Next, list a few specific areas of your life where you would like higher levels of wisdom, clarity, guidance, and healing.

On session day, drink lots of water! (and everyday.) Water conducts energy and will make it easier for you have the ah-ha moments you are seeking!

If you have any further questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Thank you for your interest! Get excited! This is AMAZING!!!!


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