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The Akashic Academy on YouTube


Clearing Your Karma and Getting Unstuck (Click this link to download the worksheet that goes with this video.)

Periscope Replays: 

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One EASY Adjustment You Can Make to Step into Your Personal Power

How Your Fitness Level Relates to Your Consciousness

Launch of Spirit Sense ~ a metaphysical product line designed to help you awaken and enlighten your being

What is an Energy Download and How to Know if You are Getting Them


Becoming Psychic Episode 1 – Awakening Your Light Body and Expanding Your Awareness

Becoming Psychic Episode 2: Meet Your Spirit Guide

Becoming Psychic: Episode 2 (part 2)

Becoming Psychic Episode 3: Blocks and Releasing Them

Becoming Psychic Episode 4: Developing Clairvoyance

Becoming Psychic Episode 5: Developing Clairsentience

Becoming Psychic Episode 6: Developing Clairaudience

Becoming Psychic Episode 7: Developing Claircognizance

Becoming Psychic: Episode 8 How to Know if it’s Working

Becoming Psychic: Episode 10 Interpreting Messages From Spirit

Becoming Psychic: Episode 11 Understanding/ Activating the Diamond Light Codes

Becoming Psychic: Episode 12 2 Keys to Accessing the Multidimensional You

Becoming Psychic: Episode 13 What is Dormant DNA?